Sunday, August 10, 2008

poningnyooo my weekends are no longer utk berehat or bersantai..keletihan yang amat..mentally and physically. malam penat macam mana pun i would still be awake till midnight or yg paling lambat was 3 am!

This wedding prep is somehow killing me softly..i know i know..its supposed to be fun (confessions of the married ones)but being me..i think too much.Miss M once said 'its not a headache for those who have the $$$..sign je.and for those who dont care much about the details and stuff..asalkan ade cukup'

its true though...i wish i could be like 'aiman tak kesah'..but that's just not me..i dont have enough $$$ either..huhu..dengan fickle minded nye lagi..haihhhh poningnyoooo~

Cant wait to get this over with..oH!the baju nikah belum buat..the wedding dress belum decide..hmmm should i or shouldnt i stop worrying now??


Anonymous said...


Wedding preps ARE stressful!! Who said otherwise?

I wanted things my own way but I realised tak dpt hehe. But it went ok so I'm happy.

The nikah bit is ur bit, the rest its the family's.

I think the things you need to be sure about are the dresses, the flowers, the gifts for each other, make up and PHOTOGRAPHY. Seriously. Okay and maybe colour theme. Thats all I decided on hahahha.

Tapi aku tak kisah

Nadya said...

yup..spend on the make up,flowers,dresses,photography and videography.color theme..hmm im out of ideas la..haha

Tapi aku kisah

warghhh (tensi dgn diri sendri)

bojed said...

reh reh

reh reh reh reh reh


Nadya said...

syhh..bising jeee

minn said...

that miss m's quote sounds familiar..ekekeke

Nadya said...

ha ah laa..familiar sungguh!haha

anis-chan said...

btl esah, aku setuju! wedding prep sgt stress actually. aku teruk skt aritu sbb byk bt sendiri, my mum kat saudi from time after tunang sampai 2 wks before wedding!

me, i didnt decide the colour theme for kenduri, my dresses decided them (for both sides i got to choose the material! nice!!! tp aku take note jgk la me n hariz pnye skintone diff utk pilih colour baju aku.. hehehe..). when i choose the kain design it so happen that the colour was this and that, so there's the colour theme!

my 2cent, p kedai carik kain utk dress dulu sbb kekdg kaler cantik, tp design xcantik, xbest gak. pick the material for the dress, then the hantaran and the rest will follow dress colour easily. :D

Nadya said...

thanks for the info gurls!sgt membantu ok!now i just have to find the time and energy for material 'hunting'. or should i leave that to the designer?hmmm..cannot2 i must go sama2.haha

if so happen the color of the dress xdpt yg cun same dgn theme..i'll just have to mix and match la kannn..haha baru meriah cam funfair..sumer guests pun nnt pening cam aku..hahaha