Sunday, August 3, 2008

she devil..

'choose the big one'

'no!the long one'

'yang ni yang ni..the fat one'

'here's the perfect one..big,fat,and long!' was extremely fun and hilarious girls.They were just cupcakes.kinky ones...hehehehe

that's how chaotic when a small, crazy group of girls in PINK got together for a bride-to-be hen party.The venue: under the bridge of Putrajya(Ya thot there was only ONE bridge in Putrajaya!so LPU la u Ya haha)


THE cupcakes

Congrats to you dear Miss Ifi..and All The Best!

1 comment:

bojed said...

cantiknye yang pakai baju sekerat putih sekerat pink tu.

ni yang nak jatuh cinta ni.