Sunday, August 3, 2008

She devil Part II..

Later in the evening..i made my way to Shah Alam pulak..kelam kelibut when i finally realized i was late!I took the wrong turn and voila..sesat in Cyberjaya.haha..Sorry Bb i was a littleeeee late and you had to miss half an hour of the game (but then comparison to your 'tembelness' setiap masa..i take that back..hakhak =D)

After picking Mr Bb up..we headed to SP USJ for SMAPL small futsal reunion(Hendak menunjuk kepuyuan die bermain futsal..kasi can la this time around..haha). Met with my junior back then in SSP..So takde la tercongok sorang2 kat situ kan..Denise if you're reading this..pls send me the pics yea..=)

Monggok yang puyus hihi

I finally reached home at 1 a.m..alone. It was a tiring day..but FUN as HELL-OOO..=D!


bojed said...

hensemnye yg pakai baju emirates tu!

mcm usher!

nadia denise said...

ok k.ya! tak sempat2 lagi nak upload kat comp gambar dlm camera tu!! i will!! tu la.. naseb baik ade k.ya n erin kan..kalau tak mmg tercongok2 sgt!

Nadya said...

oh thanks for the pics!=D