Monday, August 18, 2008

indulging in bulging the tummy..haha

i could not hold any longer..the urge..the temptation..the craving..

and today..i braved through the obstacles(byk kete tauu)..i need to feast on them..BADLY

3.30 pm arrived..half and hour late to be exact..huhu(i was on leave takde ponteng2)

i finally indulged myself in 15 yummylicious meatballs with that creammmmy brown sauce..ahhhh heaven~

hilang kempunan gue..


later in the evening..after perut pun dah penuh kannn..kena la we (Mr Fiance and i)went around Ikea..particularly the furniture area..first time ni ada shopping list..excited!!plus the feeling sangat lah lain..uu uuuuu.


list dah ada..


the fulus maniaaaaa

uwaaaa~ wishlist sounds good gak kan..haha


bojed said...


kita kena beli kerusi yg bb nak tu


ha ha ha


Nadya said...

beli lee

xkesah je

duit bb kannn

ha ha ha


Mrs Cey said...

I think a wish list a good idea. Plus you know exactly who to thank heheh.

My wedding gifts are still locked up in a cupboard back at the in law's house.

I hope tak kena makan tikus!!!

Bestnye planning for a new home!!!

Woo hooo.

Nadya said...

tp umah xde lg..huhuhu