Friday, August 29, 2008

Guilty as Sin

My overdue entry (as usual lah)

Last weekend after weeks of having to postpone..finally we had the time to do some 'spring shopping' (as i would like to call it) for our barang hantaran (ambil peluang la tengah sale nie kannn) and so we decided to meet at the 'center point' as i was from Ms F place in PJ (thanx babe for tumpangkan) and Mr Fiance was from his friend's place as well which is in the heart of KL.

We were supposed to look around for the items that had been in the list..That was the initial goal..and yes we achieved that (despite having to wait patiently for Mr Fiance before he finally picked them..which was ONLY 2 by the way..bape jam?4 hours!!aiyoooo patah pinggang wooo tunggu).aduiiih takpe la sekali seumur hidup..haha


it didnt end there..

nafsu telah menguasai diri..

walaupun tangan kiri dan kanan dah penuh dengan shopping bags..

mata masih melilau mahukan yang itu..

Mr Fiance tak berkenan..

but deep down i wanted it..

realllll bad...


i purchased this LC's (not exactly the same design la)walaupun Mr Fiance dah belikan another handbag for the hantaran..erkk~

sangat happyyyy..tapi...after reaching home..had a nice warm bath...baring atas katil berangan...took out the receipt..looked at the total $$$..and i was happy no more..uwaaaaa~

guilty..regret..semua ada la..

until this evening..

THIS..had left me feeling 'tak bersalah langsung' sekarang..



Anonymous said...

wah wah wahhhhh

I need to catch up on this shopping business. I still wear clothes from high school!!

The Mrs-Bride said...

nice baggg.. i love LC too! my wallet from LC tp tu la.. u better watch out jgak.. sometimes LC stuffs ada pig lining.. dah la yg chantek2 plak tu! huhuhu.. anyhow, nak handbag baru jgak!!! hohhoo.. :P