Friday, August 29, 2008

Guilty as Sin

My overdue entry (as usual lah)

Last weekend after weeks of having to postpone..finally we had the time to do some 'spring shopping' (as i would like to call it) for our barang hantaran (ambil peluang la tengah sale nie kannn) and so we decided to meet at the 'center point' as i was from Ms F place in PJ (thanx babe for tumpangkan) and Mr Fiance was from his friend's place as well which is in the heart of KL.

We were supposed to look around for the items that had been in the list..That was the initial goal..and yes we achieved that (despite having to wait patiently for Mr Fiance before he finally picked them..which was ONLY 2 by the way..bape jam?4 hours!!aiyoooo patah pinggang wooo tunggu).aduiiih takpe la sekali seumur hidup..haha


it didnt end there..

nafsu telah menguasai diri..

walaupun tangan kiri dan kanan dah penuh dengan shopping bags..

mata masih melilau mahukan yang itu..

Mr Fiance tak berkenan..

but deep down i wanted it..

realllll bad...


i purchased this LC's (not exactly the same design la)walaupun Mr Fiance dah belikan another handbag for the hantaran..erkk~

sangat happyyyy..tapi...after reaching home..had a nice warm bath...baring atas katil berangan...took out the receipt..looked at the total $$$..and i was happy no more..uwaaaaa~

guilty..regret..semua ada la..

until this evening..

THIS..had left me feeling 'tak bersalah langsung' sekarang..


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pink KissLock~

kan best kalau dapat ni:

It's RM2.5k takde harapan la..haha


ni ade!

bb..can i have this?pweaseeeee..its RM500 je..


Monday, August 18, 2008

indulging in bulging the tummy..haha

i could not hold any longer..the urge..the temptation..the craving..

and today..i braved through the obstacles(byk kete tauu)..i need to feast on them..BADLY

3.30 pm arrived..half and hour late to be exact..huhu(i was on leave takde ponteng2)

i finally indulged myself in 15 yummylicious meatballs with that creammmmy brown sauce..ahhhh heaven~

hilang kempunan gue..


later in the evening..after perut pun dah penuh kannn..kena la we (Mr Fiance and i)went around Ikea..particularly the furniture area..first time ni ada shopping list..excited!!plus the feeling sangat lah lain..uu uuuuu.


list dah ada..


the fulus maniaaaaa

uwaaaa~ wishlist sounds good gak kan..haha

Monday, August 11, 2008

to leave or not to leave...

tak leave mane2 pun..haha

i'm just deciding whether to take the leave now or later..

kalu ambil sekarang..nanti derang cakap awal sangat..

kalu xambil sekarang...nanti berebut pulak..almaklumla hujung-huhung tahun ni..and i have to sacrifice my cuti raya lah worries..raya sini je makes no difference..haha

hmm..2's that sound?


Sunday, August 10, 2008

When I'm Gone...

hmm..somehow it sounds familiar la the chorus..i've heard it somewhere..korean or japanese..its vague..

but anyways..cant stop melalak to this at the moment..haha

poningnyooo my weekends are no longer utk berehat or bersantai..keletihan yang amat..mentally and physically. malam penat macam mana pun i would still be awake till midnight or yg paling lambat was 3 am!

This wedding prep is somehow killing me softly..i know i know..its supposed to be fun (confessions of the married ones)but being me..i think too much.Miss M once said 'its not a headache for those who have the $$$..sign je.and for those who dont care much about the details and stuff..asalkan ade cukup'

its true though...i wish i could be like 'aiman tak kesah'..but that's just not me..i dont have enough $$$ either..huhu..dengan fickle minded nye lagi..haihhhh poningnyoooo~

Cant wait to get this over with..oH!the baju nikah belum buat..the wedding dress belum decide..hmmm should i or shouldnt i stop worrying now??

Friday, August 8, 2008

wishlist?apa tu??

i'm done with the wishlist

buang masa je

apa-apa sajalah asalkan SEMUA happy

tak termasuk aku la of course

Sunday, August 3, 2008


i was hoping real bad that it would last a lil bit longer..

and now..

its gone..

i wished i hadn't stumble upon it..i wished i didn't have to see those words..i wished he would've told me the truth..

i should've let it go a long time ago

but its too late now..

Dear God..Please give me the strength..

She devil Part II..

Later in the evening..i made my way to Shah Alam pulak..kelam kelibut when i finally realized i was late!I took the wrong turn and voila..sesat in Cyberjaya.haha..Sorry Bb i was a littleeeee late and you had to miss half an hour of the game (but then comparison to your 'tembelness' setiap masa..i take that back..hakhak =D)

After picking Mr Bb up..we headed to SP USJ for SMAPL small futsal reunion(Hendak menunjuk kepuyuan die bermain futsal..kasi can la this time around..haha). Met with my junior back then in SSP..So takde la tercongok sorang2 kat situ kan..Denise if you're reading this..pls send me the pics yea..=)

Monggok yang puyus hihi

I finally reached home at 1 a.m..alone. It was a tiring day..but FUN as HELL-OOO..=D!

she devil..

'choose the big one'

'no!the long one'

'yang ni yang ni..the fat one'

'here's the perfect one..big,fat,and long!' was extremely fun and hilarious girls.They were just cupcakes.kinky ones...hehehehe

that's how chaotic when a small, crazy group of girls in PINK got together for a bride-to-be hen party.The venue: under the bridge of Putrajya(Ya thot there was only ONE bridge in Putrajaya!so LPU la u Ya haha)


THE cupcakes

Congrats to you dear Miss Ifi..and All The Best!