Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WeddinG bLisS

hmm...today i heard a somewhat drama cerekarama brought to life..and it amazed me how some people could actually decide to take the giant leap in a short period of time..this is her story:

she was on her way back home to Puchong after a one day course in KL. She had to take the bus but as it ended quite late at night..there were no more buses heading to Puchong..yet she still waited patiently while figuring out how to get home. fortunately, a bus suddenly stopped and she got in. however, that bus was heading to a different direction. The bus driver was kind enough to send her home (and i thot..wow berani btol die nie).

then seperti biase la..borak2 dalam bas tu(alaa mcm drama2 tu la)and before she got out from the bus, the bus driver asked for her contact number(kan dah ckp mcm drama swasta). That was in December 2007. A month later, they were engaged. And this coming June, they're getting married!

and the best part is..she told me..the future hubby is a kelantanese..and she actually dislike oghe kelate..alih2 dapat la pulak kan..and i said to her..bese la tu..selalunya kita akan dapat mana yang kita xsuke..

moral of the story:

1.tak suka pada sesuatu biarlah berpada2..

2.sesiapa yang tgh menanti jodoh tu..boleh la kalu nak cuba kaedah ni..hehe


bojed said...

.bese la tu..selalunya kita akan dapat mana yang kita xsuke..






Nadya said...


ala bknnye semua..selalunye la..