Sunday, April 27, 2008

the beauty in UGLY

She’s so big hearted

But not so remarkable

Just an ordinary humble girl

Expecting nothing as we’re made to think

It’s a pretty person’s world

But you are beautiful

And you better go show it

So go look again

You gotta be true to your own

If you really wanna go to the top

Do you really wanna win

Don’t believe in living normal

Just to satisfy demand

Well if you wanna get free

And if you wanna do the passionate thing

And if you wanna get smart

For the sake of your heart and all

You should own your name

And stand up tall and get real

And see the beauty in ugly

Well you are fresh

Your face is fabulous

Don’t forget you’re one of a kind

When nobody’s checking the deeds you’ve done

And nobody’s hearing your cries

You make all the fashion statements

Just by dressing up your mind

And see the beauty in ugly

ugly ugly ugly!

1 comment:

bojed said...

my beautiful hunny bunny

i love you


ps - bukan sahaja comel, malahan pandai buat nescafe yg paling tersedap di dlm dunia |=D