Saturday, April 5, 2008

Long Long Time Ago...

(Once upon a time....)

last sunday i had a superb day out with my bb..altho it was a bit kelam kabut (mcm salu xkelam kabut je kan..haha) coz of the time constraint..but it was guuuddd..full of surprises and not to mention a series of unfortunate events?haha yeaaa every single date has its own momentous events for me to indugle in reminiscence later on..and bwahahahha gelak xigt dunia la jawabnye..haih~ bb bb why do u always have to bring dat aura pening with u?hakhakhak..

event 1

venue: shakeys pizza

after membuncitkan perot with garlic bread,a bowl of mushroom soup,a piece of fried chicken and a two slices of pepperoni n cheese regular bb and i huha huha hikhik hekhek hakhak borak2 gelak2 and dgn lenggang kangkungnye left that place..WITHOUT paying the bill..wahahahaha ni sumer sbb kepeningan my bb yg di luar kawalan..kan bb kan kan?hihihi

so as soon as we realized dat(thanx to me..kalo rely on org tu..hmmpphh..haha) we headed back to summit to langsaikan hutang..hihi(tu pun dah dekat setengah jam after gi masjid for asar prayer)
and the thot of seeing dat akak bengis to pay for the unpaid bill..urrghh menakutkan.mintak tolong org tu..bknnye nk tolong..die lak makin tolak2 kite..ahaha adehh~ terpaksa la wat muka comel yg sedia comel (uhuk) dan sengih besor2 sambil ckp sorry berpuluh2 kali..siap abang kat kaunter tu wat 'peace' lg..hahaha klakarrr~

i think..dat was the 1st and the last time id go there la kot..hahaha wut a day~

event 2

venue:bowling alley

my bb finally won the title..
king of pins?hihihi

i was so glad he had a great time kickin my is kickin ass the right word?or is it sumthing else?ha ha ha

ohhh i can still remember the 'owh yeaahhh yesss weeehoooo' look on his face whenever the X came up on the screen..hakhakhak

heartiest congratulations on the title beebeee..
u are the champ lah!


event 3

venue: meja makan kat mane tah

i was introduced to somebody who once had a place in my bb's mind..yup..his former crush..his daisy..haha its a small world afterall lalalallalla..sing along!

truth to be said..i had no clue who the girl was..xsebut name pun..dgn muka blur and senyum konfius..i had to figure it out to the excellent judgment from my part (sesi masuk bakul pastu angkat sendiri..hihi)

i have to say..poor introduction bb..sian saye terpinga2..cuba lagi next time k..;)


whoaaa...panjang xhengat entry kali nie..where did all dat come from neways?


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