Tuesday, December 30, 2008



its done and over with...

yeay happy happy happy

words cant even describe the feeling

thank you so much to mama and abah for making it happen..the way i wanted it to be..i love it so much..i cant thank them enough..

and to my pengapits..thank you for making sure that i stayed gorgeous walaupun peluh berjejeh2 (seperti biasa)

and to all my relatives for the hardwork..muahhhh~

Lovely ladies..thanks for coming..=)

ok..nak siap-siap..hubby nak balik kerja kejap lagi (yes..he's working today..huhu)


ain alida said...

nadya, you look amazing n superb on your day. congrats!!! thanks for inviting us to witness your special day. evrythg is perfect and we're lovin it =)

zura lias said...

opah...selamat pengantin baru..nampak sweet n tantikkk.. :D

Nadya said...

ain: thank youuuu for coming..wish u all the best too!

zura lias: thank u mama!turn mama bile lg?ehehe