Monday, January 12, 2009


hmm when you look at the list..some are unavoidable..

kotex?? (why oh why)

intel?? (hancus pc ini)

haih..why cant we live in peace and harmony..


awesome blossom said...

thanks for the list - very useful because it also give the background info on the companies.

lots of things I will miss - Starbucks, Coke etc - but I can live without them now. We do what we can do lah. PC aku pun Intel, tak kan nak boikot pulak.. hehehe

Nadya said...


mane yg ley avoid tu try our best la kan

mostly intel aku terpaksalah.

Anonymous said...

Maggii???? Tu yg paling terkejut kot hahah. Hmm most of the things mmg tak pakai/beli/makan pun, so tak miss.

Minggu ni kitorg tak groceries kat Tesco dah, which is susah jugak becoz its very cheap but tak mati tak belanja kat situ.

Sihat la, tak minum fizzy drinks :)

Nadya said...

ahaha..tu la pasal..all nestle products pun..aduii..nescafe,milo..waaa

fizzy drinks xde effect kat aku..coz i dont drink em.

groceries beli kt pasar tani la pasni..haha