Thursday, December 25, 2008


Alhamdulillahh..i am now holding this title:

Mrs Muhd Shahrulazman

love the sound of it...=)

Although ada la sedikit kejadian yang membuatkan saya amat terkilan hari ini..tapi as what my hubby (wow that sounds different..hihi) said, tak pe la..yang paling penting dah selesai..

thanks to all my friends for coming and giving me the support that i needed..

soooo sorry if ada kekurangan di mana2..which i know ada..*sigh* thousand apologies..

here is the sneak peek (esah dear, especially for u..hehe)

p/s- I love you...


bojed said...

yang penting

kita dah jadi suami isteri

mana2 yang kurang tu buat tak peduli je la sayang

kita look forward

bak kata bb

"forward thinking"

kool gile kan gaya bb


i love you too my wifey

Anonymous said...

isk isk...

All day while I running around like a mad women trying my best to bleed babies, I my thoughts were with you!

Nevermind the christmas dinners, and people were wondering why I was so sad.

And looking at the picture, u look absolutely fantastic!!! Cantik sgt!!

Congratulations again my dear friend, reh, ur absolutely georgous so whatever yg membuatkan terkilan abaikan!

U are now team hubby and wifey, and may your life be blessed hingga ke akhir hayat.


seri_cherry said...

congratsss yayeee!!!!!

awesome blossom said...

wedding is just for a day, marriage is for a life time. so that one little thing that 'mess' your day, just forget about it. you have a whole new life to look forward too :p

congrats, and very sorry that i miss it!

Ushna said...

YOUUUU lookkk absolutelyyy beautiful!!!! Congratulations! I love love love love love your baju, what you sat on, andd what's behind you!!!!You loooked gorjesss!! yeayyyy see u on your reception,yeah?


Nadya said...

bb: i love you!

esah: i am soooo touched..thanks for the wishes esah..pray for the best..muahhh!cpt balik i miss youuuu.

seri: thank youuu!=D

fatma: yea..i am happy and blessed..thanks tak nak pikir yang remeh2 tu..and its ok dear..see you bile2 aight

ushna: hahahaha tq tq tq tq tq. see ya ushi..and thanks for the wishes..
p/s- nak contact number nnt i bg..hehe

nadia denise said...

congrats k.yaya and bojed !from me and abu! i really like the flowery background!!! lawaaaa and very unique!!!sgt2 suke! iAllah i see u at bojed' side nnt! congrats again!

PriNc3sS said...

you are gojes!
congratulation ;)

interested don't hesitate to sMs me ;)

farahana said...

congrats kak yaya!..panggilan yg i blaja from dida.hehe..

sory sgt can't make it reception semalam.coz i pun ade majlis kat kluang.we'll see on bojed's side macamane k.

all the best..may Allah bless you n your husband.

The Mrs-Bride said...

yesss!! stunningggg!!! :D cantik arr ur pelamin.. Naz sure has great ideas!! haha.. chantek!! CONGRATS again.. Welcome to the Club! (klise bangat! :P)

take care Mrs.. :)

nuown said...

congatulations aiko n bojed..
canteknyer u aiko...hehe..cantek jugak felamin itu..mau jugak!!! fresh flowers eh?

Nadya said...

nadia denise: thanks dear!=D

farahana: thank you..xpe i know ur reception pun on the same day..sorry xdpt pergi kt sane jugak..huhu but jumpe juga at bojed's kan..sian die kelaparan..haha

knits: thank u for coming!terima kasih for the warm welcome to the club..haha =p

nuown: thanks alot..and for coming to bojed's side..yup fresh flowers..all the best to u too..prepare awal2..hehehe