Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is My Confession

today..i'm feeling hopeless..helpless

my body is like a time bomb..

waiting for the right time to explode..

i've always had my own way of coping with personal distress and emotional pain..

yes..i have my own dark and empty space..

it has been a good friend of mine for years now..a loyal one..

and at the corner..there's a small box..where all the secrets are locked up safely

and at the moment..

the feeling of unlocking the small box is so great..

that i just let my fingers do all the talking..

its a confession that i have to make..

i'm sick..

i've been having it for like 5 years now..

it's nothing serious..and so i thot

until i stumbled across the article in the internet about the bad news..

then i finally realize..the frequency of occurrence rather high lately..

there's an abnormal activity in the heart..

and some other signs and symptoms..which can cause severe damages in the long run

there..its out in the open..

what exactly am i having?

as for now..let it stays safely in the box..

hmm..i feel 5 times lighter already..

this keeps playing on and on and on at the back of my mind


Anonymous said...

Reh, wassup???

Tell me tell me tell me

Nadya said...

ala besa la sakit tua..dah tua kann..hehe

awesome blossom said...

tak leh yayee. kita tak leh mengaku tua. we are still young!!! 26 is not old.. sob sob sob

anyhoo, hopefully you'll feel better... :) stay safe and healthy

Nadya said...

haha..tua umur..but still young inside out..muhaha

thanks dear..didnt know u blog!

Anonymous said...

what abnormal heart activity? irregular heart beat ke??

tell me tell me tell me

Nadya said... i in trouble esah?