Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh Gosh~

when you had to be in bed for 3 days..

you can get a lil' depressed..

and all you had was your ol' and loyal PC..(yes i still use PC ok)

what did you do?


Abg Bojed

Yours Truly

and i ended up in bed still...

laughing my head off like a mad woman!

wahahahahhahahahhahahahahaha (sorry bb..i just had to..hahahaha)

more pics in my facebook..and credit goes to Denise for introducing me to this awesome site!

click away!


bojed said...


pic dia yg elok2 comel2 dia letak

pic org yg muka mcm patung ni ha yang dia nak letak gak

nampak sangat dengki je keje


Nadya said...

comel ke?

i looked BLOATED!

bb cute pe..

esp the nose..



Anonymous said...

sgt lah funny!!!!

aku gelak gile tgk gambar bojed!!!

jambul tuh!

anyway, dh dpt photographer nampak..hehe

Nadya said...

ha ahh lawak gileee..ko try la..serius fun and funny as helloOOO

photog?hehe lums decide..dah ade a few options..but of cos bkn SN!hehhe