Saturday, November 15, 2008


It is every girl dreams to be a princess..or at least being treated as a princess.

I am one of them..

and the definition of a princess might differ from one person to another

as for me

to be loved, appreciated and cherished is all i need

and oh..


must haves!!

hmm..slipping a note in the bag or scribbling gibberish notes on a piece of paper kinda cute

dont u think?


The Mrs-Bride said...

yes!! and that's what we do to each other.. slipping messages/notes everywhere! ohh sy suka this one lil'note that hubby wrote on a small piece of paper, and left it in my 'bekas coins/ash tray' compartment dlm my car.. comey jer! :P

p.s. u're left with 1M1W1D jer.. apa rasa?? :D

Nadya said...

tak rasa apa2 punnn

weird x?


bojed said...

tunggu la 1w nnt

baru dia tau apa rasa


Nadya said...

takde la

org kool and rilekkk je


bojed said...

konfiden abes


nuffnang kat tepi tu

dapat duit ke yang?

Nadya said...


klik byk2 lagi!


awesome blossom said...

i love the note thing...! that is a very sweet thing to do (walaupun x de experience tu lg) :p kalau dia selitkan kredit card or duit shopping, laaaaaaaaagi sweet...hehehe

bojed said...

oh damn

ada pulak yg bg idea mcm ni

aduh aduh abes la canni aduuuiiii

Nadya said...

fatma: hahaha dear i'm with u 100% on the selit duit sopping/credit card!!sweeeeeeet sgt kannnnn hahaha

bb: cuak!ahahahahhaa (sweeeet gile la bb ahaha)

idayusof said...

wahhh.. bes bes idea giving note plus the money. bes lagi kalau dapat supplementary card tros. yeay!

Nadya said...

haha..keep coming ideas mcm ni

i loikeee!