Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Attention Mothers!

Please spread the news..

The government has decided to ban polycarbonate feeding bottles containing the organic compound Bisphenol A or BPA from March 1 next year.As it had been learnt that BPA could cause disruption to the hormonal system and consequently interrupt bodily functions, but added that so far no evaluation had been done on the hormonal system in infants.

BANNED: Khairunnisa Kasnoon showing the differences between Polypropylene feeding bottle as compared to policarbonate ‘bisphenol A’ (right) during the health press conference. — Bernama photo

here's the link for more info on it.


http://moh.gov.my or http://fsq.moh.gov.my.

so moms please change the bottles the soonest possible. Its for the health of your infants.

P/s- luckily we bought BPA Free bottles all this while..



nurul bagi raina botol susu MAM dari dulu sampai skrg. MAM mmg ada BPA free and anti colic kan

Nadya said...
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Nadya said...

yes nurul..yang mana BPA Free akan dilabelkan..most parents opt for BPA bottles cos murah. duit boleh cari tapi anak takde ganti..

its better to be safe than sorry..kan.