Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Order Paper 26 May 2008

i bear witness to a 'battle' that was really amusing.My half closed eyes were 'bulat' instantly. Most of us the 'pegawai bertugas' at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday had fun watching those adults acting like little kids. Yang Dipertua pun pening.Tak sangka pulak tgk real live sgt best.haha.

The first half was not so bad (questions for oral answers). By the time Orders of the Day and Motions started, i was practically on the way to slumberland..haha. And it dragged till 8.00 pm!Nasib baik duk jauh so boleh escape balik awal sket..hehe

needless to say,if i were to be chosen again,would i feel ecstatic?of course!(provided that they'd be no issue regarding the ministry on the day i bertugas la..kalu x kena wat report..leceh!)

konklusinya..saya bagi 4 stars!haha

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