Thursday, December 31, 2009

Super long..for the year 2009

yes..tak tipu punyaaaa..

ok lets see..where should i begin?haih words don't pour out easily these days for me..its a struggle..but its ok..berusahalah!!

2009 is a year full of well as sadness..

Lets begin with the happy yappy moments shall we??

double celebration for me..the wedding reception hubby's side was on the same day as my birthday!(4th january btw ehem)wheeeeee..sengih gile besar dpt surprise birthday card yang super huge and cake at the reception hihi..thanks to my FIL!

After 3 months of 'honeymooning'..we were blessed with a very exciting and out of this world news..the joy it brought to our lives was us and both our families..refer here

however..two weeks after, masa the next check up at An-nur Bangi, what should be the sweetest moments we were waiting for, had turned into a devastating was us and even to the doc..
the breaking news crushed my didn't develop as it should be at heartbeat was present at the more smiles for me..just tears..hubby was there to comfort..but to no avail..

i was advised to perform the D&C as soon as possible before the excrutiating pain came in..
but deep down i was still hopeful then..maybe it was a slow development for the baby, maybe if i waited a little longer it would show..macam2 pikir..positive belaka..i prayed hard for a miracle to happen..

and so i went for a second opinion..a week after..the result was still the same..the sac was shrinking and the lil one wasn't growing..and at that moment..i surprised myself..i stayed calm..and i knew i dah redha time wasn't meant for us..not just the doc said, it was a blessing in disguise..recap here

mummy will always love you sweetpea..

Performed the D&c procedure at 9th week..before masuk ward kat an-nur, dah ada tanda-tanda..tak sakit lagi but the blood dah keluar..barang-barang dah pack siap2 before gi terus je masuk and waited sampai petang baru dpt buat D&C tu..
and to make it worse, halfway through the procedure i TERJAGA!Nampak la nurse kat hujung kaki tengah rodok2 kat dalam tu..sakit?
YA ALLAH!Tuhan saja yang tahu macam mana rasa dia..sakit gila amat!!Macam isi kena toreh dengan pisau tajam..mcm toreh pokok getah tu tau..
Luckily it was only for a few seconds!and i dozed back off sampai habis and masuk bilik balik..but it was something that i still couldn't forget till now..still boleh rase wooo the sakit everytime teringat..fuuhhh~

lepas dah sedar tu..terus balik rumah..malam jugak la..and berpantang for 2 weeks kat umah my parents..private punya MC..kalau gomen 1 week je..huhu

My SIL got hitched!I jadi penyambut tetamu youuu..k long le katakan..wahahaha lawaknyee laa..takde tokoh langsung!i hope i did well though..hihi and the great news..she's expecting..5 months ++..congrats dear!potong queue laa..haha

oh ye..paling tak boleh lupa..masa kenduri side lelaki di Sg. MIL requested Mr Hubby and i NYANYI karaoke ok!di khalayak tetamu yang datang untuk menjamu selera..and aku dengan perut penuhnye menyanyi lagu Sayang Menyayang (Mr Hubby la pilih nie..hampehh tinggi gile)..yang keluar bukan suara lunak merdu..tapi suara ayam kena sembelih!!pecahhhh..wahahaha memalukan!!!masuk video lak tu..warghh!!

The news we were patiently waiting for..well i cheated..i tested before the monthly period was due..without hubby knowing..oopss now dah tau huhu..2 lines!but very the same time..Mr Hubby was behaving very weird a couple of weeks before.Pening2..loya pagi2..wekk wekk masa gosok gigi tu..haha tak boleh makan nasik..tak lalu nk makan nasik for 2 weeks kot..tak sedap badan la..macam2. He suspected that i was already pregnant by that time..i said nothing la coz tak nak mengharap sangat kan..Lepas period missed by a few days baru la test betul2..this time memang dia tau la..and anxious nak tau the result..again 2 lines..and faint still..
unexpected but thankful of course..but this time around, i tried not to get too excited about la once bitten twice tak nak mengharap sangat..
Until 8th week rasanya lepas check up and confirmed ada heartbeat semua..baru la spread the news to our families..

Now i would like to share this happy news and moment with u guys..and hope that all of you will pray for the health and well being of my baby..and me too..InsyaAllah EDD is 15/06/10.please pray for us yea..=)

As the closure of the year 2009..on the 25th..our 1st Wedding Anniversary..

courtesy of PIL

wow..rasa macam baru je kawen..always in the honeymoon mood eh..hihi
it was a beautiful day..hubby gave me a surprise vacay (surprise kee dah ley teka jeeee..hakhak [=p)
everything was beautiful and nice..the ambience..the place..ahhhh heaven..rasa tak nak balik je..huhu

thank you so much bb for the wonderful day..and for being the love of my life..for all the things you've done for me..i really appreciate it..
I'm sorry if sometimes i gave you a hard time..well now i think most of the time kot..with the mood swings, the super sensitive perangai..malas nak masak..mengada-ngada and such..:p

Just so you know..

although i may not say it often enough (as u would always say it).=)

alaa..bagi can la nak feeling skettt..haha k dah2 enjoy the pics

-the end-

sayonara, au revoire 2009

and welcome 2010!!

Happy new year peeps!

Friday, December 25, 2009

First year...=D




Saturday, December 19, 2009

My hubby...

First time jumpa with your hubby bila and kat mana
tak jumpa..tengok je..dlm friendster..wahahaha

Love at first sight?
Nah..i don’t believe in love at first sight..not my cup of tea..hehe

Who is he when the first time u met him?
dia adalah seorang yg sgt tembelll

How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?
tak lama pun..coz die dah terpikat denganku..hehehe tapi tuan punya badan nie tak mahu..dalam erti kata lain..mereject..hahaha

First place dating di?
kat McD mid valley..and he was 2 hours late! Grrrrr…tapi lepas jumpa hilang geram..haha =p

How he proposed?
Out of the blue masa dalam kereta to keluar dating..he said ‘jom kawen’ dengan muka selamba. and I said ‘hahahaha’. Didn’t believe a word he just said..sbb die bkn jenis yg serius..semua benda pun nak buat lawak..hah amek kene gelak!

Special date with your hubby?
Bertunang : 29 Disember 2007
Diijabkabulkan : 25 Disember 2008 (ehhhh tgk ticker kat atas tu..heeeheeeheee =D )

Changes that he asked you to do?
Jangan gigit kuku..salu kene eyp eyp bila curi2 gigit..sorok2 pun ley nampak..aiyooo~

What is it about him that you love so much?
He’s not the typical type of husband yang menyerahkan urusan rumah to wife sahaja..he helps to cook, do the laundry and now since keadaanku macam ni..hormon haywire, emotions tunggang terbalik..die la yg wat everything..even masak air panas and prepare air suam for me to mandi..awwhhh…thank you bb.. love u sooo much!(harap2nye bkn time2 canie je rajin ek..hihihi)

What is about him that u wish he would change?
Change his mind of naming our future son with muhd fabregas *tepuk dahi*

You will lose your mind n crack your head when he?
Refer to q 1 again, the tembelness of him really made my blood go upstairs u know..dari mood happy2 nk jumpa die trus jadi raksasa gorgon..hilang trus mood..mana taknya..dah la bg si gadis (ee yekkk) menunggu which is so tak gentleman la kann..tunggu die pulak berjam2..bersiap je 1 jam..kalah I tauu..OMG!!Nasib la diriku ini penyabar yang amat. Tapi sejak kawin ni, ada laa improvement *clap2*

U will smile tru your eyes for the whole day when he?
gets ready before i do..haha

Complete below sentences...
my love towards my hubby is as big as...infinity =)