Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It is about time...

Some human beings are just so insensitive. or is it no common sense at all up there??the least you can do is tanya khabar. Tak nak call, SMS boleh. Max 20 sen. ohhhhh mahal. Takpe la.
Email ada, YM ada, MSN ada. Friendster ada, Facebook ada. Macam2 ada la senang cite dalam dunia serba canggih manggih nie.Alasan ape lagi nak bagi?
Hmm mungkin buta IT.
ke buta HATI??
the latter suits you the best.

is that so freaking hard to do??and yes i do mind.why?
because we are so-called 'family'.literally.

yea right.

dengar pun buat sakit telinga je. belum kira sakit hati lagi.

and the attitude..OMG!sore to the eyes..sick to the stomach.
Tolong la sedar diri sikit. Dont act pure and innocent. Nak muntah haku.

They say..masa susah la kita tau siapa 'who' they really are. I cant agree more on that.
Been keeping this for so long. Malas nak simpan. Nanti jadi cancer pulak merebak satu badan.

to you, you, you, you and you
i cared before..but not anymore.
Your time will come. Allah itu Maha Adil.

To my dear friends who have texted, called, dropped emails, messages and comments for the past few weeks:
My deepest gratitude and appreciation and many thanks for all your prayers, well wishes and support. I really needed them. Thank you sooo much.

To my beloved hubby:
Please hold my hand and walk me through all this. And dont ever let go.
I need you.
I really do.

I'm sorry for being such a burden to you...


aRe~TeRq said...

hye there. been ur silent reader for quite a while now. :-)

i heard bout the bad news from Ayu. be strong k! sbr byk2.

ps: bojed! cpt kendong si isteri. msti ley buat ati tenang. huhuh..

PixiePwincess said...

hahah ye. mari membuat lawak menceriakan nadya. kendong jgn tak kendong!

Nadya said...

halo are-terq!ada silent reader rupanya..huhu neways thanx for the support.=D

ayu, den yang teramat 'ringan' ni tak sesuai utk dikendong.Sorong boleh la kot..haha

aishahhatta said...

sorong pon comel juga! :) ~silent reader jugak~ :p

aRe~TeRq said...

ish... xdpt byg klu bojed btl2 sorong. bia btl tisha. hik hik...

ps: bojed kna la bli keta sorong jwbnye. sekian..