Monday, July 14, 2008

tick tock tick tock..

I just realized something a few hours ago..well a couple of things actually.As of has been 6 months and 15 days since i was officially crowned as Ms Fiancee (haha) time flies in a jiffy!We dont really count every single day or month of anniversary or it came as a surprise to me HUH??so fast aa??

And a minute later it hit me hard..another 4 months away(minus the fasting month of course) from having the title 'Mrs'..aiyooo..patut la jerawat pemanis muka pun dah start beranak pinak..yes i am stressed out!I dont even have the 'wedding file' opened yet!lalalalala~

any recommendations?anyone?



The Bride-to-be said...

yeap.. pretty! similar to zulia's but hers is in red! hehehe.. chaiyokk! selamat mengembaraaa di alam persiapan kawennn! apa i merepek ni? hohoho.. *wink*

Nadya said...

now its my turn la??hahaha..wish me luck!(n no more jerawat stress pls)

merepek laa org tu nk kawen in a month!!he he he he

p/s-timing2!hahaha ;)